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Educate. Empower. Elevate.

Elevate Sport & Spine provides authentic, evidence-based care for neck pain, back pain, and sports injuries.

A natural, non-Western approach that is tailored to you.

Manual Therapy

Passive Modalities


Elevate your active lifestyle.

Our mission at Elevate Sport and Spine is to provide high quality, evidence-based care that is centered around our patients’ needs. We are here to provide you safe, natural, responsible care with the tools to help yourselves. We want to inspire a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic, massage therapy, and exercise. Our goal is to provide responsible care without stopping what you love, relying on pain meds, or receiving unnecessary surgery.

A Sports Medicine Ideology

Sports medicine healthcare providers have special training to restore function to injured patients so they can get moving again as soon as possible. They are experts in preventing illness and injury in active individuals.

Do you ever wonder why professional athletes recover faster than the rest of us? They have access to quality providers that help them create a personalized plan to return to play. This often includes modified workouts, recovery through physical therapy, chiropractic, massage and other tools. Conversations about optimizing your sleeping and nutritional habits are also an essential aspect of care. But the most important thing that often gets overlooked is that they put in the work. There are no quick fixes or instant solutions. While physicians, therapists, and trainers are here to guide you through your healing journey, only YOU can show up for yourself to put in the work every day. This is an integral part of our philosophy. We want to work ourselves out of a job to help you help yourself.

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